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When people ask me to suggest a great investment book, I almost always recommend that they start with “The Millionaire Next Door.” It is not really a book about investing – it is a direct personal finance book with a simple message: If you live within your means and save aggressively, you can also become financially independent, even if you were not born wealthy.


I concur with the book’s basic premise, and I have first-hand experience that it works: my parents. They started out with practically nothing. My mother grew up in a poor family. My father came from a wealthy upper middle-class family, but had received very little financial help from his parents as they always believed he should work and build himself financially.

So, my father worked and so did my mother. They worked diligently, saved aggressively, and refrained from getting sucked into a frivolous lifestyle and into keeping up with the neighbors. In fact, one of the essential observations in the book is that most self-made millionaires look at financial independence as preferable over achieving social status through spending.


Not that my parents did not have an enjoyable life through all these years of hard work, saving and living below their means. The book is often criticized for supposedly promoting an anti-social lifestyle, of secluding oneself from society at-large and hoarding money; but this is not true at all. My parents traveled extensively, entertained family and friends, and acquire things that considered important to them. They did not, however, reside in a big house or replace their car yearly. They never borrowed, with the exception of their home mortgage, which they were able to pay in full after 15 years.


Now, in their early sixties, my parents are financially-independent. Moreover, my father retired fully when he was 55 years old.


But why dwell on personal finance issues and money beliefs in an investing blog? Sure, we talk about investing all the time; but one has to have the money first to invest. You can dream about making it big by winning in the lottery or putting up the next phenomenal business venture. Such things happen. In most cases, however, it is not about a “big break,” but more about putting away some income into savings day-by-day and month-by-month. And once you start saving, you can have the money to invest – and Jemstep can serve your needs in investing wisely.


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